65 March Madness 2010 College Basketball Logos


The Madness is upon us! Yes, some of us up here in Canada like basketball (even though our only worthwhile export of late has been Steve Nash, and it’s hard to dribble in snow). I regularly tune in and throw away money when it comes to the annual 64 (now 65, with the play-in) team tournament; this year is no different. However, as I tuned in watch the selection show, a thought came to me: why not compile all the logos of the teams in the 2010 Tournament? I thought it would be interesting to have them all in one place, either for inspiration or to just to see similarities. So I did that, and here they are: all the logos from the 65 teams in this year’s March Madness tournament.

As to be expected, there is a LOT of collegiate fonts and initials. Here are some other random observations:

  • there is an overload of bears, dogs, and cougars
  • Minnesota’s “M” is horrendous
  • there is a definite, noticeable difference between older logo styling (Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, MSU) and newer logo styling (Oklahoma State, UTEP, Marquette).
  • the Arkansas-Pine Bluff logo (very first) is terrifying. Terrifyingly AWESOME
  • shame on Sam Houston for using Copperplate Gothic
  • my personal favorites: West Virginia, Texas, Old Dominion

So wraps up this fun post; hopefully, next time you get a logo design job for an academic institution, you remember to come back here for some inspiration! Enjoy the tourney, and I hope your brackets do well!

*logos courtesy of sportslogos.net.

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