10 Free Silhouette Vector Packs


Ah, the faceless/detail-free silhouette: a simple and clean design element that can be used across a variety of mediums. It can be time-consuming to create a new silhouette vector graphic every time one is required for a design, and it can be plain inefficient to do so if the graphic that is required doesn’t need to be a custom one (of course, if a custom graphic is called for, we always recommend going that route). Luckily, there are a ton of free silhouette vectors out there. We’ve taken the time to round up 10 of the best, free silhouette vector packs out there. Each image links to the download site and we’ve checked them all out, so feel free to go on a free vector downloading spree!

203 People Silhouette Pack

This is a huge collection of people in various poses; a great collection that will come in handy for any designer.

Birds Collection

Birds flying, birds perched, birds standing on one leg… you get the gist.

Keep Fit: Exercise Vector Pack

These exercise-related vector silhouettes are great for any fitness-related designs you may be tapped for.

Hit the jump for the rest of the free vector silhouettes!

Man Silhouette Vector Freebie

A collection of male silhouette vectors. That pretty much covers it.

Tree Master Vector Pack

While there aren’t a ton of vectors in this pack, the ones that are in there are of good quality.

Bird Silhouette Vectors & Brushes

More birds! More poses! More uses! And so forth.

Everyday People Silhouette Vector Pack

Didn’t get enough people yet? Here’s some more.

Guns: A Vector Pack

I don’t condone violence, but I do condone free vectors.

Flower Vector Pack

Floral vector elements can be a great & easy way to add a little more visual interest to a design. Download these guys for sure.

People in Action Vector Pack

I know, you’ve probably had enough people by this point. But these ones are in ACTION!

Hope you find these packs useful; I know I sure will. Also, at least one of these packs is zipped as a .RAR file, so Mac users will need the Unarchiver. Enjoy & please share!

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