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Found Friday Vol 27


Bonjour! That’s French for hello (no big deal). Here’s hoping all of you had a stellar week; to reward you on your hard work, we have a killer Found Friday this week: a site dedicated to handy WordPress snippets, a typeface game for you typography nerds out there, the Web Font Awards, a CMYK wallet, and over 45 great Javascript sliders/galleries etc. Something for everyone! Read on, readers.

WordPress Snippets

Admittedly, I’m not a total WordPress whiz; I save and use a lot of snippets, as I can’t seem to quite remember them well enough to type them out. Thus, I’m loving this site.

WP Snippets

Typeface Memory Game

This game looks sweet. The most challenging part would be finding someone as nerdy as you to play with (via swiss-miss).

Typeface Memory Game

The Web Font Awards

A collection of the best sites on the web using web fonts in interesting fashions – beautiful sites like Design Cubicle etc. Have a look and be inspired.

Best Web Fonts

CMYK Mighty Wallet

If you put a Typeface Memory Game card in this wallet, you might explode due to overwhelming design nerdery (also via swiss-miss).

CMYK Mighty Wallet

45+ Very Functional Javascript Sliders & Scrollers

Can’t get enough jQuery/ Java sliders/ scrollers/ galleries/ whathaveyou? This article will quench your thirst; if not, you’re not saveable.

45+ Java Sliders

See you next week!

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