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March 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper


March is here. That means February is over, which means time is going mega fast. You gotta love March; it starts warming up outside, people start to think about getting outside a bit more – it means winter is on the way out. While that sucks for lack of snowboarding, it is good for post-work libations on a patio. Enough rambling; here’s this month’s desktop wallpaper. The theme is all in the color; teal is a mix of blue & green. Blue = cold, green = growth (this is what the Color Theory Reference Poster tells us!): a good combination for the month of March, as we’re starting to sneak out of winter & into spring, but we’re not there yet. Enjoy!

Click to download the March 2010 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper in 1920X12001680X10501440X900, and 1280X800. Share away!

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