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Free Stock Macbook Photo for Web Design


I see web designers using images of laptops (specifically, Macbooks) all the time. Perhaps we’re using them to showcase our own designs, or perhaps we’re using them in a design for a client. Regardless, if a stock photograph of a laptop is required, Macbook-esque shots are the way to go. Their sleek design lends well, as the simplicity and beauty of their shape doesn’t interfere with other design elements that may be used.

With that in mind, I realized “Hey. I have a Macbook Pro, and a Nikon D90. Why not take a photo and give it away?” So that’s what I’m doing.

Click the image to download a PSD file of the laptop. The PSD file is layered so you can essentially plunk your design right in. There’s a ground reflection layer that can be turned on/off, there’s a transparent laptop layer, and there is a screen reflection layer too. All in all, it’s perfect for using in your designs & has a file size of 3000 px by 1752 px.

As I took this photo, you have permission to use it absolutely however you see fit. The name of the laptop has been taken out, so there will not be any copyright issues. If you’re going to redistribute it, it would be nice to mention Paper Leaf though. Enjoy!

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