Experience and Trusted

WordPress development agency experts

At Paper Leaf, we’re experts in WordPress development. We have years of experience using WordPress to its fullest potential. WordPress has been our platform of choice to build everything from Airbnb-style map discovery interfaces to multi-million-dollar eCommerce platforms, and simple content management for mobile applications. 

With the diverse ability of WordPress and the expertise of our team, we can craft a truly special, custom solution for your organization.

Some examples of types of projects that are perfectly suited to our skillset include:  

  1. When the website needs to work for a complex user base
  2. When the volume of content is significantly larger than average
  3. When you need custom functionality that’s not available off-the-shelf
  4. Your organization has a mature brand in need of custom design support
Our Approach

WordPress web design and development process

WordPress is integrated into our standard Web Design and Development Process and we use WordPress Layout Engine to make the process even smoother. By leveraging powerful tools like WordPress and its affiliates, we can save your organization time and money in the development process. 

As one of the most popular web development tools available today, WordPress has several benefits over other options. It’s extremely developer friendly and simple to customize which makes it a great place to start your custom website. There are also a nearly infinite number of plugins, with new ideas coming to life every day. These benefits come from having an extremely large user base of developers who communicate and solve problems together, making WordPress better for everyone with each innovation. 

WordPress Development Projects

User-centered and outcome-driven WordPress development

We begin every WordPress development project with an in-depth Discovery Phase, where we investigate your upcoming project and determine the essential ingredients for success. There are a couple key terms that describe the important work we do during the Discovery Phase to make sure that your new website is user-centered and outcome-driven, these include: 

User Personas  

We create user personas to help our team understand who is using your website, what their behaviours might look like, and what their needs are. This gives us a hypothetical person to keep in mind while creating your app and focuses our attention on the parts that matter most to your users. 

User Stories

Once we understand who is going to be using your website, we build user stories to envision how they will accomplish their tasks while using your site. User stories capture the specific actions that we will need to support when building your site in WordPress and they help us create a smooth, enjoyable user experience. 

Acceptance Criteria 

Acceptance criteria are what we use to evaluate our user stories. These give us specific definitions of success—ensuring that we build the right features and they execute their purpose properly. 

Information Architecture and User Journeys 

We use everything we learn from the previous discovery points and use that to create the information architecture. This is how we arrange pages and information on your website so that it’s easy to navigate. We also create user journeys at this stage, so we can envision how our user personas might interact with the information architecture. 


Finally, we do prototyping to test it all out before diving into WordPress to make it a reality. Prototypes help us understand how all the other pieces work together and highlight any hiccups in the work early on. 

WordPress Services

Custom WordPress web development for your company

The beauty in WordPress is its flexibility—with the right knowledge, it can be almost whatever you need it to be. That’s why we depend on WordPress to offer custom web development to organizations like yours. 

We offer the following services for your WordPress website: 

  • Prototyping
  • Design Systems
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Front End Web Development
  • Back End Web Development
  • API Development / Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Data Migration
  • CI/CD
  • Automated Testing

You may not need all of these services for your project—we’ll work with you to determine what we can offer that will provide the most value to you. With our breadth of expertise, we can identify what services you’ll need to reach your goals.