Selecting Your Development Team

Mobile Applications

There are all kinds of digital development companies out there. Capable teams made up of a variety of design and developer skill sets. Ultimately though, it’s not one size fits all. Before you kick-off your application development project, you’ll want to do a bit of homework to make sure you are selecting the right mobile application developer for the product you are wanting to launch. 

Teams that are well-versed in developing websites may not necessarily have the knowledge or ability to make your mobile application a success. Think about this from both a user perspective and also regarding your bottom-line. At minimum, you’ll want to confirm that your mobile application developer has a:

  • dedicated project manager
  • transparent and agile development process
  • specialized, multidisciplinary team
  • proven-track record

And, perhaps the best indicator if a team will be the right fit, is taking one of their apps for a test-drive. We are an experienced mobile application developer and have successfully delivered on a number of projects, learn more about our Elections Alberta Enumeration App.

Getting Started

Working with a mobile application developer

As a mobile application developer, we offer several services that others cannot. What we do for your organization will depend on what exactly you need—and since we know mobile app development inside and out, we can also help you determine what that is.

Mobile app development services may include:

  • Prototyping
  • Design Systems
  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • API Development / Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Data Migration
  • CI/CD
  • Automated Testing

Our expertise in these offering provide valuable insight into your mobile app development project, even if your app doesn’t need every one of these services. Our deep knowledge of the ways in which an app creates value for an organization and its users means that we can leverage our insights into streamlined and effective development.

Methodology and Expertise

Custom mobile applications for your company

We build mobile applications from the ground up to suit your unique needs. A good mobile app will do more than provide a platform for you to communicate with your audience—it will also give your brand a boost over your competition in the minds of your users. 

In order to determine what kind of mobile application will best serve your organization, we may employ any of the following tactics:

  • Audits
  • User research
  • Technology research
  • User personas
  • Architecture and content workshops
  • User story generation & prioritization
  • Acceptance criteria creation
  • Moodboarding exercises
  • Workflow mapping workshop
  • Architecture diagrams

It’s easy to get off track when creating a new app. It’s normal to use other apps as a reference point and be distracted by fun features and innovative functionality. We use these tactics to stay focused on what really matters to you and your users. 

Building Value

User-centered and outcome-driven mobile applications

The value of an app goes beyond providing a service—it’s also important to consider the experience of using the app. A good mobile app makes life easier for the people who created it and the people who use it. As a mobile application developer, we carefully consider every perspective during development so everyone can get the most out of your mobile application.


User-centred means that we put ourselves in your users’ shoes to consider how they want to accomplish their tasks and what features would make their experience as smooth as possible. 


Outcome-driven mobile application development means that each detail and functionality included in your app is created specifically to help your users complete one or more actions. These tend to be actions that they need to do on a regular basis and should be easy to accomplish.



Get to know our mobile application development process

Step 1: Research and Discovery

Our mobile application development projects start with a Discovery Phase. This is where we determine: 

  • what you need out of your app 
  • what your users need out of your app 
  • what are the core functions of your app 
  • how we’re going to approach the project
  • what a realistic timeline looks like 
  • and any other important starting points 

Step 2: Design and Development

Once we’re all on the same page about what the project looks like and how we’re going to get it done, we start doing. We use Kanban as a methodology to keep the project moving forward smoothly and identify any hiccups quickly, so they can be dealt with in a way that disrupts the project the least.

Our mobile application developers maintain regular contact with you, sharing updates and previews of our progress to ensure you’re satisfied throughout the project. Using an agile approach like this enables us to stay nimble and pivot whenever needed, resulting in the best possible output.

What you’ll see in these status meetings could include: 

  • Navigation exploration
  • Preliminary interface designs 
  • Functionality demonstrations  
  • Prototype walk-throughs
  • Sample data and reporting outputs 

Step 3: Testing, Launch, and Maintenance

As we work on the design and development of your mobile application, we’ll also be testing it throughout the process.

This consistent and recurring testing ensures we can handle any errors quickly and effectively and can also avoid surprises at the end of the process. Our most comprehensive QA and UA testing occurs shortly before launch where we make sure everything works smoothly for your users.

Once we push the mobile application live, we transition from the build phase to a maintenance phase, offering you application support and development based on your needs moving into the future.