December 2017 – The Last Desktop Calendar Wallpaper


This is it folks, we’re pulling the chute on our monthly wallpapers; thus, an appropriate ‘Peace Out’ wallpaper.

Why are we ending our wallpapers? Well we’ve been doing this for 7 years, and started when we were a primarily graphic design firm. Over that time we’ve grown into a digital UX and design firm, and because of that, wallpapers don’t make a lot of sense for us anymore. So, we’re sunsetting the wallpapers but are hoping to continue to offer other freebies over time, along with more articles and resources, that align better with where we’re at as a shop now.

It’s been a slice! We hope you’ve enjoyed the monthly wallpapers and we’ll having something else for you in the near future!


Click any of following links, which will open up the images in a new window so you can download the free December 2017 Desktop Calendar Wallpaper:

Thanks & enjoy the month!

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