New Feature: Found Friday Vol 1

Found Fridays

So last week we killed the weekly wallpaper feature. We killed it dead. Why? To be honest, a lot of the time we found ourselves racing on Thursday night or Friday morning to design a wallpaper to put up. It took up too much time, and to be honest it wasn’t all that popular. So we’ll still be doing calendar wallpapers, and the occasional wallpaper if the mood strikes, but our new weekly feature is going to be a lot better. Allow me to introduce to you: Found Friday.

Every Friday, we’ll post a new Found Friday article, linking to a variety of design-related articles, items & more that we’ve discovered during the week that we think are awesome. We’re active in the online design community, and there is a ton of new content released every week; our hope is to help spread some of that content to people who might also think it’s great. I hope you, our readers, will find this post both more fun & useful than the weekly wallpapers post.

So let’s get rolling. The inaugural Found Friday post features the following: an ultra minimal start page, a redesigning of Valentine’s Day, a huge & awesome icon pack, a really little content management system, the BBC site redesign process, and 35 new free fonts for designers.


How to use choose your 4 favorite websites from their list. Set the page as your browser’s home page. Enjoy the ease of minimalist design. (via swiss-miss)

Link to


The gents over at Brand New (a great blog on identity design) were tasked to redesign Valentine’s Day. Read about their process, and see the awesome result, here.

Hit the jump for the rest of the article!


Tutorial 9 has released a free icon pack with 60 very useful, very well-designed icons for you. Enjoy!

Free Icon Pack


In their own words: “a really little content management system”. It’s not CushyCMS; it’s not WordPress; it’s in between, and it looks awesome. Buy Perch on a per-website license for a very reasonable price, install on your server, brand it yourself, and let the love from your clients roll in.

Perch Content Management System


The BBC redesigned their site, and this article details how in-depth the process was. A great article to reference when a client can’t understand why a “simple website” costs $XXXX (not that we all go to this extent).

BBC Site Redesign


InstantShift posted a nice list this week of 35 new free fonts, for those looking to spice up their font collection.

35 Free Fonts

Hopefully you found these links as useful & interesting as I did – if so, perhaps share the love below. Tune back in Monday for a new post!

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