Free Client Presentation InDesign Template


As a design studio that does a lot of branding & identity work for small businesses, we often find ourselves creating PDFs to showcase design concepts to our clients. A good presentation of design concepts can greatly influence a client’s view of your skill and professionalism. However, it’s not very efficient to create a new InDesign document each time you have to present a design concept to a client. With that in mind, we’ve created this free client presentation indesign template.

The idea here is that you, a graphic designer, can download this template, change the text and brand it to your design company, and use it to present design concepts to your happy clients. This will save you loads of time if you don’t have a template like this in your arsenal, and your concepts will be presented to your clients in a professional, clean and easy-to-understand fashion.

Here’s the quick list of details:

  • Brandable to your company
  • Populated with fake content you can replace easily
  • Space for logo designs and complementing material (business cards etc)
  • Color swatches
  • Suggested text for describing your design concepts

Here is an example of one page layout; here is an example of another.

This is fully open-source; download it and distribute it, use it for personal and commercial projects, but please don’t pass it off as your own. So that’s it! Hopefully you’ll find this useful; if so, please share & vote this post up on any or all of the social media sites below. Please note: this was created in InDesign CS4. Thus, it can be opened in CS4 & newer programs. There is a .INX file that should be able to be opened by InDesign CS3. Any older than that and you’re out of luck. Sorry, out of my control!


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