Found Friday Vol 95

Found Fridays

We’re back! Found Friday (Vol 95) this week has some gems: awesome & free downloadable artwork for your office; the Heineken cube bottle design; a Reddit-style site for web tutorials and resources; the new Microsoft logo; and a site that interviews well-known designers and web nerds about what they use to get stuff done. Read on!

Vintage Camera Artwork & Download

These two prints are available for free as 300dpi downloads. Download, print locally, and mount. BAM! New artwork for your office!

Vintage Camera Art

The Heineken Cube

Imagine a bottle design that wastes no space in your fridge. If the amount of beer you have in your fridge is becoming an issue, a) invite me over, and b) check this out.

Heineken Cube


Pineapple is a Reddit-style site (upvoting/downvoting) that is all about the web: tutorials, tools, and so on. Worth a look and/or a bookmark.


Microsoft’s New Logo

Microsoft hasn’t had a new logo since 1987: word on the street this is the new one that leaked. Read about it here.

New Microsoft Logo


Want to know what fellow web nerds are using to get stuff done? Me too! Check out UsesThis, a site that collects interviews with well-known web people (designers, developers, etc) on the topic of what they use to “get stuff done”.


See you next week!

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