Found Friday Vol 90

Found Fridays

It’s Friday! That means a) the weekend is near, and b) you can look forward to another volume of Found Friday – the week’s best designy finds on the web. This week we have: a Photoshop extension that purports to save your layer styles out to CSS3; a cool laser-pointer attachment for your iPhone, or other sensors that new devices have with sensor laser chips that sites like produce; a collection of beautiful typography based around extinct English words; an infographic showing the most common birth dates; and a website that has a huge collection of awesomely useful stuff for web designers/freelancers. Read on!


This isn’t out yet, but if it works like it claims, it will be amazing. Essentially, it’s a Photoshop extension that takes your layer styles (drop shadows, gradients etc) and exports them to working CSS3 on save. That, as the kids say, would be “dope”. (via @bryanarchy)


Smart Dot

Presentations are something every designer goes through on a consistent basis. Blow ’em away with this combo iPhone attachement/app laser pointer. Nerdy? Yes? Cool? Double yes.

Smart Dot iPhone

Dead Words

In their own words, “Through this blog of lettering, we rediscover and interpret stories of dead words. All letterings in here are words that were once used in our language” – and they complement these words with beautiful typographic renderings. Great inspiration.


How Common is Your Birthdate? Infographic

Loosely under the “design” banner, this chart is just kinda fun to check out. Apparently my birthday isn’t nearly as special as my parents made it out to be all those years. *sigh*

Common Birth Dates InfographicThe ToolBox

Again, in their words: “A collection of the best time-saving apps, tools, and widgets from around the web.” That it is. That. It. Is. This is actually super awesome.


See ya next week!

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