Found Friday Vol 9

Found Fridays

Hey hey, and welcome to volume 9 of Found Friday: all the best finds in the design community this week. It seemed like this week flew past, but while doing so I found the following awesomeness: a great vintage t-shirt company, a cool wheel of nutrition plate design, 2 great articles on priming artwork for print and landing clients, and the launch of a beautifully designed new tech blog. Read on, readers!

Homage Clothing

I am the world’s pickiest clothes wearer. It takes a lot to make this trainwreck look passable, lemme tell you. One of the places I’ve recently found that meets my ridiculous standards for fit, comfort & style is Homage clothing. Their shirts fit like American Apparel, are super comfy, and have great throwback designs on them. Lots of old-school basketball references and the like. Dig it!

Wheel of Nutrition

Following the government’s stupid nutrition guidelines is near impossible, unless you like to carry around a calculator all day. This ingenius design solves that problem – a plate that’s a pie chart of the nutrition guidelines. Super cool (via swiss miss).

Is Your Artwork Ready for Print?

A great article from the Echo Enduring blog on prepping your artwork for print. Print design can be confusing sometimes, with the various color spaces, resolutions, templates & dielines and so on – check out this article if you’re in need of a refresher.

Swing & a Miss!

This article on how to talk to clients in order to land paying gigs takes a few hypothetical situations and breaks them down into dos and don’ts. Worth a read for sure.

The gents over at Web Designer Depot launched a new tech blog called Techi. I’m a Gizmodo guy myself, but the design of this blog is so much better than any of the tech blogs out there, I may just become a convert. We’ll see – check it out for yourself.

Thanks and see you next week!


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