Found Friday Vol 8

Found Fridays

Welcome the 8th edition of the week’s best design finds: Found Friday here at Paper Leaf. This week we have a gorgeous ampersand poster, a great collection of social bookmarking icons, a bunch of really cool offices, some useful web apps for freelancers & designers, and a great article explaining the process behind the new Adobe Creative Suite branding. Read on, & enjoy your weekend!

Ampersand ID Chart

I’m always up for decorating with gorgeous-yet-nerdy prints from fellow designers. Check out this great Ampersand ID Chart on SwissMiss!

Ampersand ID Chart

50 Social Bookmarking Icons

SpeckyBoy is a blog that consistently shares great design resources – here’s another, in the form of a free social bookmarking icons. Dig it.

Free Icon Set

Hit the jump for the rest of this week’s finds!

Creative & Modern Office Designs

While we have pretty minimal (but cool) working spaces here at Paper Leaf, some places go all out. Click through to see a few of the more interesting workspaces around, courtesy of HongKiat.

40 Amazing Web Apps for Freelancers

There are a lot – I mean a LOT – of web apps out there designed to make your life easier. Here, Pro Blog Design rounds up 40 of the best ones. We use a bunch of them here at Paper Leaf, so we recommend checking it out. There’s stuff in here for designers as well as other sorts of freelancers.

Web Apps for Designers

Adobe CS5 Branding

I’m always torn when Adobe comes out with a new version of their Creative Suite. Part of me is excited because there are new features and such, but part of me is slightly ticked because it feels like I just spent thousands of dollars upgrading from their last version a year ago. Oh well – regardless of my conflicting feelings, here is a must-read article showcasing how Adobe came to design their current branding for CS5.

Adobe CS5 Branding

Tune in next week!

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