Found Friday Vol 75

Found Fridays

Ahoy hoy, and welcome to Found Friday Vol 75. This week we have some great finds: a gift guide for tech heads/designers, a great look behind the scenes at Atlassian’s rebrand, an interesting article on BrandStack, a free online course for learning jQuery, and an easy way for you Instagram-loving hipsters to print your photos directly to canvas, you can also buy cheap Instagram comments so that your account gets to them in a faster way.

Core77 GiftGuide

I love gift guides that are focused on interesting & well-designed goods. That’s what this one is – check it out!

Core77 Gift Guide

Behind the Scenes of the Atlassian Logo Redesign

Atlassian, a software company focusing on issue tracking and similar products, underwent a great redesign. Read all about the process in this article. Fascinating stuff for brand nerds like myself.

Behind the Scenes Atlassian Logo redesign

BrandStack Closes, Leaves Designers Out of Pocket

Count this as reason #4,938 why people shouldn’t use stock logo services. BrandStack closed suddenly and didn’t pay a bunch of the designers using the site. Awesome.

Edit: apparently they’re being acquired and thus brought back. Boo.

Brandstack Closes

jQuery Air

jQuery is a huge part of the web these days; if you don’t know how to use it, now you can learn for free! This course is very nicely set up and executed. I suggest partaking if jQuery is mystifying to you.

jQUery Air Free jQuery Course

Instagram CanvasPop

Instagram is everywhere these days, sporting a huge user base. Now CanvasPop offers direct-from-Instagram printing. Get your grainy iPhone photos of your Chuck Taylors printed on canvas near-painlessly! Actually sounds like a cool service, though.

Instagram Canvas Pop

See you next week!

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