Found Friday Vol 72

Found Fridays

It’s nearing the end of the month, but before that happens: Found Friday Vol 71! This week’s finds are all over the place, but with one unifying theme: awesomeness. Yeah. Anyway, we have a new font creation app that looks fantastic; a neat site for copying & pasting cool HTML characters; a book on Pixar & their art; a short read on the effectiveness of different colors in call to action buttons; and a short but interesting look at CSS4. Yes, 4.


I’ve been studying type design like mad lately, and this app came across my radar. It looks really slick – way more user friendly than FontLab, the current industry standard. Mac OSX only; sorry Windows designers!

Glyphs App


This site lets you easily copy & paste cool/useful HTML characters. Simple but neat.

Copy Paste Character

The Art of Pixar

Pixar’s movies are only bested by their art. Check out this book: a behind the scenes look at the art & process of Pixar’s works. Looks super interesting.

Art of Pixar Book

Green Button vs. Red Button

Which button will get more clicks? Green you say? Red, perhaps? Is the suspense killing you? Go check out the answer.

Red Button vs. Green Button

Discover What’s New in CSS4

Yes, we only just started implementing CSS3, and now here’s an article about CSS4. Well, we can’t say we work in a stale industry, right? Some interesting ideas being put forth too.

What's New in CSS4

See you next week!

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