Found Friday Vol 68

Found Fridays

We’re on volume 68 of Found Fridays, and this week we have something for everyone: designer, developer or small business manager. This week’s finds include: 10 free online storage solutions; a useful way to approach kerning; a bunch of useful online file conversions services; a little tool that makes Internet Explorer 6-9 more compatible with certain CSS3 selectors; and a great little read on common IE bugs and how to fix them. Read on!

Top 10 Free Online Storage Apps

Online storage (or “cloud” storage, as the cool kids say) is the new black. Access your files from anywhere with a connection, and your files are safe in the cloud in the event of a hard-drive failure (which just happened to us, but I digress). Here are ten solutions for you.

Online Document Storage

The Three Letter Approach to Kerning

Kerning can be a mystical art. Here’s a straightforward method that is sure to help improve yours!

3 Letter Approach to Kerning

20 Useful Online File Convertor Tools

File types can be a huge pain. Here’s a bunch of convertors that may save you a headache down the road; worth bookmarking.

Online File Conversion


Add this little file to your server, add a line of code to each CSS selector, and BAM! improved IE support for many CSS3 features. Rejoice!


How to Solve Common IE Bugs

Speaking of IE and how I want to hit it with my car, this article has a bunch of easily implementable solutions to common IE bugs. Bookmark worthy.

Solve Common IE Bugs

See you next week!

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