Found Friday Vol 65

Found Fridays

We’re back! Like Ma$e. Actually, hopefully not like Ma$e. Anyway, this week’s Found Friday is a stellar collection: Wacom’s new digital drawing tool; 2 articles showcasing usability examples (Amazon = Good, Microsoft = Bad); a great site for those wishing to learn how to code; and an article on realigning your views on “stupid” clients.


Wacom’s new tool is a digital pen/receiver style combination. It lets you draw on actual paper, with all that textiley goodness, and captures your drawing digitally. Check the video below.

The $300M Button

This is an old article, but is a must-read for any web designer/developer. It explores Amazon’s real-life example of ecommerce, and how one change led to $300M more revenue.

300M Button

Microsoft’s Trainwreck Explorer UI

On the other side of the usability fence, Microsoft wrote a blog post like a proud parent about their new Windows Explorer interface in Windows 8. Surprising, since it’s really quite poor. Read one blogger’s take on it – definitely worth a view.

MS Explorer 8 Windows


Want to learn to code? Broke? CodeAcademy is free and teaches you how to code – in their words, it’s “interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.” Looks pretty solid.

Code Academy

Stupid, Stupid Client

It’s easy, and it happens frequently. When there is a communication breakdown in a project, people are quick to label the other “stupid”. This article turns that notion on its head by promoting the idea of continual education – just because someone doesn’t know something doesn’t mean they’re stupid. They just need to learn. Much like me, and anything handy.

Stupid Client

See you next week!

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