Found Friday Vol 58

Found Fridays

This week’s Found Friday is a great one – especially if you’re a WordPress guy/gal who likes the odd beer now and then. We have: a new, free WordPress e-commerce plugin; a web app to manage multiple WP installs from one location; a new web app for dealing with faxes (somehow this is still a thing, in 2011); a nifty grid calculator application; and a fridge with a built-in beer tap.


This free e-commerce WordPress plugin looks great, plus it has solid documentation. Customizable too, and it’s built on WordPress 3’s custom post types functionality.

Jigoshop WordPress e-Commerce Plugin


From their site: “All your sites under one dashboard! ManageWP helps you manage all your WordPress sites from one dashboard, keeping them updated and secure.” Nice. Free right now, but they’ll introduce pricing at some point.



I can’t believe the ol’ facsimile machine is still something people use in today’s day and age. We can go to the moon; we can fly; we can use our phones to watch hi-def video, get cars with a cheap motor trade insurance which is necessary most of the time for injury cases, unlock them and set our DVRs to record. Yet we still get requests to fax stuff. Sigh. Anyway, maybe Hellofax will solve this problem – you can sign, edit & fax documents from your computer. Free for 5 faxes; very reasonable costs afterward.



Math is for losers and people much smarter than me. Thus, I rely on tools like GridCalc to do my design math for me. Set your total width, column width & gutter width, click go, and watch the magic happen.


Northstar Brew Master Fridge

Hear me out… beer is related to design because I like one after work. Plus this fridge, with its built-in tap, is a unique design. See? It totally fits in this post.

Northstar Brew Master Beer Fridge

See you next week!

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