Found Friday Vol 56

Found Fridays

Welcome to Volume 56 of Found Fridays, where we showcase the best design finds o’ the week. This week, we have: part one of an article on Dieter Rams’ 10 principles of good design; how to make the best out of unwanted downtime; 20 iOS style app icons for inspiration; a website that has a ton of free, established brand logos for download; and a combination of useful CSS3 & HTML5 apps.

Dieter Rams & The 10 Principles for Good Design: Part I

Dieter Rams is a huge inspiration for many a designer, and published 10 principles for good design. Over on Drawar, a community member has summarized these principles in a two-part post.

Dieter Rams

Making the Best out of Unwanted Offline Time

It happens – your internet goes down. Instead of lying, shivering, in the fetal position, why take this time to tackle some outstanding, non-internet-related work? Here’s a good article that helps you get cracking. Note: read this before your internet goes down.

Making the Most of Unwanted Offline Time

20 Inspiring iOS Style Icons

Quite simply, 20 beautiful iOS-inspired icons. Have a look if you’re working on an icon design project and get those wheels turning!

20 iOS Style Icons

Brands of the World

While this isn’t a find of this week, it is definitely worth sharing. Brands of the World lets you download vector logos of established brands for your use; we’re talking big brands to small brands; Coca-Cola, IBM etc. Definitely a useful bookmark for designers.

Brands of the World

CSS3 & HTML5 Toolbox Starter

There’s a ton of resources out there designed to make our lives as web designers a little easier. This article rounds up some great tools to add to your web development toolbox.

CSS3 Toolbox

See you next week!

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