Found Friday Vol 49

Found Fridays

Welcome to Volume 49 of the best internet finds o’ the week: Found Friday. This week we have: a zombie Easter bunny (not overly design-related, but it’s Easter soon and the zombie bunny is just too awesome); an app that sends the websites you’re reading to your Kindle; an in-depth article on taking credit card payments on the web; an ingenious wallet for guitarists; and a good read on CSS data tables. Read on!

Chocolate Zombie Bunny

Alright, so this is a very loose-to-non-existent connection to design, but like I said – it’s almost Easter. How can you pass up a zombie chocolate Easter bunny? Another gem from ThinkGeek.

Chocolate Zombie Bunny


This app is smart & straightforward: it sends the websites you’re reading to your Kindle. Developed right here in Edmonton too!


Taking Credit Card Payments Online

Taking credit card payments through a website can be a daunting task. This article from Smashing Magazine breaks it all down for ya.

Taking Credit Card Payments Online

Picker’s Wallet

I’ve been known to carry a guitar pick in my wallet’s change section. Also, my wallets have been known to have change sections. Anyway, this Picker’s Wallet is a great design solution:  a little pick pocket!

Picker's Wallet

CSS Data Table Techniques

When used properly – ie. not for design/layout – tables are a great way to present tabular data. This article has a bunch of CSS techniques you can use to make your tables shine!

CSS Tables

See you next week!

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