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Forty-two Found Fridays later, and this week we bring you: a must-read article on branding vs. logos, a bunch of WordPress hacks to avoid plugins, a good read on combining typefaces, an article on increasing traffic to your site, and a new website gathering a bunch of well-known designers and their life-changing books. Yes, it’s a solid Found Friday this week. Tell your friends!

The Brand Power! It’s More Than Just a Logo

I’m guilty of this -misusing the terms “brand”, “logo” and “identity”. My excuse is laziness and general poor vernacular. I know, what an excuse. But this article is a must-read, especially for graphic designers working with new, small businesses who don’t have a lot of experience in the areas of logos and branding.

The Brand Power!

20 WordPress Theme Hacks

WordPress rules, partially due to the breadth of plugins that can do near-anything you would want on a website. However, if we rely too much on plugins, the end result is be a slower site with potential for plugin conflicts. Read this article to learn a few tricks on avoiding plugins by hardcoding in functionality into your next website design.

20 WordPress Theme Hacks

Eight Ways to Combine Typefaces

Like everything in design, there is a rhyme and reason with regards to combining typefaces. Read this article for some thoughts and good general typeface-combining tips.

8 Ways to Combine Typefaces

Effective Ways to Increase Web Traffic

Everyone wants to be “number one on the Google”. While not always an attainable goal, this article has some great tips on how to increase traffic – and hopefully, business – to your website.

Effective Ways to Increase Web Traffic

Designers & Books

It seems like anyone who is any good at their craft is well-read. Check out this newly launched website, designed by Pentagram, which lists well-known designers and their life-altering books.

Designers & Books

See you next week!

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