Found Friday Vol 29

Found Fridays

Welcome to Found Friday, Volume 29: the best design finds of the week. This week we found some great stuff on the ol’ interwebs: a great article on usability findings that can help you back up your design decisions; a collection of great online color/code/web-related generators; a great quick tip on creating better spotlighting effects in Photoshop for web design; a fun dueling piggy bank; and a new website with some great, free design elements. Read on, readers!

Usability Resources to Win Arguments

Aesthetics are not ammunition enough to convince your client that your design decisions are good. What you need, when it comes to web design, is actual findings that back up your decisions from a usability/user experience end. This article (combative title aside) has a bunch of great findings sure to help you win over your next client.

Usability Findings

40 Useful Online Generators

Color schemes, grid layouts, CSS and more – this article covers a bunch of great code and color generators out there for web designers. Sometimes generators are a quicker way to reach the right solution, so it’s worth a read in my opinion.

40 Useful Online Generators

Quick Tip: How to Increase the Quality of Large Spotlights in Photoshop

Spotlights, and lighting effects in general, can add a lot to a web design. However, sometimes large radial gradients or soft brushes result in unsightly banding effects – this article has a great, quick way to combat that. Read it. I COMMAND YOU.

Photoshop Spotlight Tutorial

Duel Savings Bank

Duel Savings Bank makes saving fun! And competitive! I always dig designs that make the mundane a little more fun; the Duel Savings Bank does that very thing. Check it out!

Duel Savings Bank

Design Kindle

There are a bunch of “free design resources” sites out there, but Design Kindle is the new kid on the block. Their stock isn’t huge right now, but the quality is great and their site design is as well.

Design Kindle

Until next time… enjoy your weekend!

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