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Morning, readers! I’m back from Montreal, fully inspired and ready to dish on more great design finds. This week’s Found Friday features an amazingly well-thought-out and designed public bike system from Montreal, a Pantone Hotel in Belgium, a list of the top 10 CSS Galleries of 2010, a beautifully Swiss-inspired espresso machine (we all need it now and again), and a hugemongous compilation of Illustrator brushes. So check ’em out, subscribe to our feed, and tune in next week!


Bixi, a combination term of “bike” and “taxi”, is a public transportation project in Montreal (and soon, other cities worldwide). Essentially, you pay $5 for a pedal bike from their moveable, solar-powered locking stations. This gets you a half hour of riding, and each half hour after that charges your credit card. There are stations all over the city, so you just drop the bike off at station when you’re done with it. It’s a brilliant way to promote an alternative, clean source of transportation.

The bikes, and this whole system, really is a marvel of technology and industrial design. Read more at


The Pantone Hotel

In case having the Pantone mug just isn’t enough graphic design nerdery for you, why not stay at the themed Pantone Hotel in Belgium? “What room are you in?” “Oh, I’m just over in 3005M”.

Pantone Hotel

Top 10 CSS Galleries of 2010

Alright, so usually these kinds of lists don’t come out until year’s end. But, early bird gets the worm right? Here’s a list of 10 great CSS galleries for the next time you’re stumped for web design inspiration.

Top 10 CSS Galleries

Illy Y1 Espresso Machine

I’m not a huge espresso guy – more of a black coffee one – but if/when we get an espresso machine here at the Paper Leaf offices, this Illy Y1 machine would be it. I don’t care how good the espresso is. The design is gorgeous, and that is FACT.

Espresso Machine

1000 Free Illustrator Brushes

I’m not a huge fan of these “one hundred quadrillion bajillion things you’ll never manage to use all of” lists, but some people are. There are a bunch of good, free Illustrator brushes in this list. For those of you needing to fill your bare brush cupboard in Illustrator… enjoy.

Free Illustrator Brushes

See ya next week!

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