February 2010 Desktop Wallpaper


Welcome to February, all! Hopefully the coldest of the bitter cold in your town is gone. It might be gone here in Edmonton, but who knows? It was minus 40C before it was even officially winter this year. GO CANADA. Anyway, as promised, here is the second installment of our Monthly Calendar Wallpapers. This image was taken by me this weekend, at a photo shoot for a local band called Desert Bar. Check out a few of their songs here – good, raw rock ‘n’ roll. The image was taken for potential use in their album art, and to reflect their simple approach to style, their minimalist nature. The shot really just says February to me. It’s grey and blank, but beautiful in its own way – plus, it lends itself well to minimal Swiss-influenced design. Enjoy, share & subscribe to the RSS feed!

Click to download the Ampersand Wallpaper in in 1920X12001680X10501440X900, and 1280X800. Share away!

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