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Found Friday Vol 80


The eightieth version of Found Friday is here, and this week we have: a beautiful wood iPhone case; a collection of great plugins for those of us using WordPress as a CMS; a neat little tool designed to help hang things and such (bad description, but scroll down and have a look); a new t-shirt from the folks at United PixelWorkers and A Book Apart; and a must-watch video for any creative. Read on!

Material 6 Wood iPhone Case

The iPhone is a beautiful device – nobody’s arguing that. But the glass backside sacrifices durability for beauty. Here’s a solution to that problem: a beautiful and durable wood iPhone case! Want.

Material 6 Wood iPhone Case

WordPress CMS Plugins

WordPress is a great publishing platform, but most anything can be improved. That’s what this list of plugins from the folks at DigWP does: aim to improve the use of WordPress as a CMS.
WordPress CMS Plugins


This neat little guy is bendable and helpful. Bend his arms to hug your iPod and hang it from your rearview; bend his arms to hold your keys and hang it from your wall. Those are just two of an unimaginable amount of uses for Bondi.


United PixelWorkers A Book Apart Tee

Showcase your nerd love for web design (and being a bookworm) with this gorgeous A Book Apart tee. It’s only available for a limited time!

A Book Apart T Shirt

Wilson Miner – When We Build

A friend sent me this video, and I highly recommend you take 38 minutes out of your life and prepare to be inspired.

When We Build - Video

See you next week!

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