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Found Friday Vol 79


It’s Friday! Let us help you celebrate with five great designy finds from the web. This week, we have: a must-use plugin for those using WordPress as a CMS; a limited-time, free bundle of design goods; the world’s simplest mailing list setup; a preview for an upcoming type film for typography nerds; and a beautiful, inventive coffee machine. Because, you know, we all run on coffee. Enjoy!

Dashboard Site Notes

WordPress is famous for its ease of use; however, it can still be daunting to total n00bs, like some of your clients. We normally use a Dashboard Tips Widget with our client WordPress builds; however, it’s a little janky and not that great to set up. Enter Dashboard Site Notes: a WordPress plugin that lets you author notes and site guidelines for your clients through the WordPress interface, so they always have reminders nearby. A must-install in my books.

WP Dashboard Tips


Everyone likes free stuff! Especially designers. This bundle has a bunch of icons, UI elements and the like for designers. It’s free for another 27 days or so. Check it out!


Tiny Letter

Tiny Letter is from the people at MailChimp. Essentially, Tiny Letter is a dead-simple way to set up a (text-only) email newsletter. MailChimp is awesome, but can be a bit daunting for some people. Tiny Letter fills that void; going to start recommending it to some clients, methinks. (via swiss-miss)


Linotype: The Film

Typography nerd? Then you’ll be interested in the upcoming Linotype film, a feature-length documentary around the typecasting machine.

Linotype Documentary

Bodum Bistro Coffee Machine

Coffee is the nectar of the gods. FACT. This Bodum Bistro machine tosses aside the terrible method of drip-coffee and instead uses a pour-over method, which results in better coffee. I’ll stick to my French Press, but this might interest some of you.

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Machine

See you next week!

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