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Found Friday Vol 62


This week’s Found Friday is all about web development. I’d like to say I planned that, but really it just sort of happened that way. Anywho, this week we have: a tutorial on creating a settings page in WordPress; a tool for real-time CSS editing; a beautifully clean & simple Javascript select plugin; some new fonts; and a boilerplate for responsive & mobile-friendly website design.

Create a Settings Page for Your WordPress Website

This tutorial is long and in-depth, but it’s worth a read. The subject material isn’t simple either – recommended for somewhat experienced WordPress developers.


In their own words, a “less craptacular” option to editing/writing CSS. Have one window that has a live preview as well as the editable stylesheet; one click publishing of your changes. Oooh, aahh.


Turn your select forms into a thing of beauty with this easy-peasy plugin.

10 Fresh & Free Fonts

Everyone likes free fonts! There are some new ones in here (to me, anyways), so I thought it was worth a share.


Responsive web design is the new black; here’s a great boilerplate to get you on your way!

See you next week!

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