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Found Friday Vol 41


In this, the forty-first volume of Found Fridays, we have the following: handy wordpress snippets, a site that collects and showcases awesome web button designs, a gorgeous HTML5/CSS3 music player, a really nicely designed bluetooth stereo, and a great collection of the best jQuery plugins of 2010. Read on!

Useful & Timesaving WordPress Snippets

WordPress is like playing the bass: relatively easy to learn, but you can spend years trying to master it. This tips & snippets will help you on your path to becoming All Knowing WordPress Master.

Useful WordPress Snippets

House of Buttons

Bookmark this site for the next time you’re stumped trying to design buttons for a website. Great collection (via swiss-miss).

House of Buttons | Web Button Design Gallery

ZEN Player

Even if you have no web design projects that require music players in the near future, click through to see this player just for its craftsmanship. HTML5 & CSS3, so make sure you’re using a modern browser. On the site, the author mentions that he’ll be uploading the source to github, so hopefully we can see some multi-song offshoots soon!

ZEN HTML5 CSS3 Music Player

Sound Freaq Stereo

This stereo is a) beautifully designed, b) affordable, and c) Bluetooth compatible. That means you can have your iPod next to you, streaming tunes across the room to this stereo. Pretty solid for your web design studio, no? Want.

Sound Freaq Stereo

75 Most Useful jQuery Plugins of 2010

A somewhat overwhelming list, but worth slogging through. There are some great solutions in here that might save your hair on your next website build.

Best jQuery Plugins 2010

See you next week!

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