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Found Friday Vol 20


I gotta say: this week’s finds are some of the best yet. I try to find a combination of interesting, aesthetic and useful finds for you guys, and there were a lot of releases this week that met that bill. We have a new, beautiful small book on typography, an image placeholder service for you web designers out there, a Google cheat sheet to improve your search results, a beautiful new font from the makers of Gotham (Hoefler & Frere-Jones), and 6 useful online CSS3 tools. Enjoy!

Meet Your Type

Found via swissmiss (as are the following two), this self-proclaimed “field guide to typography” is free to download, and $15 to print off of Lulu. Great layout, great information, and definitely worth picking up.

meet your type

I covered a similar  image generating service back in Volume 4 of Found Fridays (which, might I add, features an awesome watch I still want), but if that didn’t tickle your fancy, maybe will. A super simple way to throw in a placeholder image when developing a website.

Google Cheat Sheet

Google’s search engine is still the most widely used – by far – but not everyone knows all the various techniques you can use to improve your search results. Including me. Behold: a Google cheat sheet!

Google Cheat Sheet


H&FJ make some of my absolute favorite typefaces. Forza might join that list (although I have yet to purchase it). Check it out; it’s gorgeous.

forza typeface

6 Useful CSS3 Tools

You could write all this newfangled CSS3 code yourself… or you could use these free, handy generators to do it for you. It’s your call.

6 Useful CSS3 ToolsThat’s it! See ya next week.

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