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Free Calendar Wallpaper: January 2010


Welcome to 2010, people! Weren’t we supposed to be in flying cars and eating meals in pill form by now, a la the Jetsons? Alas, these things have yet to come to fruition. However, it’s a new decade, and time for a new tradition. Allow me to present to you the first in a new feature on the Paper Leaf blog: the Free Calendar Wallpaper Series. Each month, we’ll post a free calendar for you to download and use on your desktop. How handy is that? This month’s is inspired by the new decade – 2010 sounds futuristic to me! Enjoy, share and subscribe to the RSS feed!

Click to download the January Calendar Wallpaper in 1920X1200, 1680X1050, 1440X900 and 1280X800. Pass it along!