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You’ve Done It – the Guide is On Its Way!

You’ve done it! You’ll get our Comprehensive Guide to Digital Project Discovery – the first post, on design briefs, will be in your inbox right away.

After that, you’ll receive a post every few days (assuming you open the emails); cumulatively, you’ll receive an eight-step course where you learn everything you need to know to run a digital project discovery phase. Plus, you’ll get a series of related downloadable assets, including printable UI sketch sheets; user story workbooks; information architecture templates; and much more to help you actually execute the discovery deliverables.

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Follow A Proven Method For Project Success

If you follow the steps outlined in this Discovery model and implement them in the fashion we outline, you will:

  • Dramatically reduce your project risk
  • Exponentially increase your odds of project success
  • Gain new professional skills
  • Discover who your users really are and what they actually need
  • Gather and prioritize functional requirements for your project
  • Align your stakeholders with project needs – which can be a real battle
  • Create a first draft of architecture, user journeys, and even prototypes for your project
  • Be able to confidently hire a development team, whether an agency or internal

The best part? Even if you follow just a few of these steps – say, create a project brief, and write some user personas – you’ll be ahead of the game. Those items can be included in your procurement process, if you’re hiring an agency, or they can be provided to your internal team as a starting point.

If you take it even further and create user stories with acceptance criteria as well as information architecture, user journeys, and pencil & paper prototypes, your production team will be able to effectively estimate on the work. Better yet, you’ll be confident in knowing that what is being estimated on is what should be built – and due diligence has been done.

Get Started On The Right Foot

The Discovery Phase is essential to mitigating risk and delivering a successful digital product, be it a website, web app, or mobile app. The process we’ve outlined here has been battle-tested and iterated on for years, and has helped us grow into an award-winning digital product agency – and now it’s yours, for free.