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The nature of launching complex websites, web applications, or mobile apps means the work never really stops – that is, if you value ROI and craftsmanship. The technological landscape is ever-shifting, client demands for your products and services are constantly changing, and the nature of business is the same. That’s why the majority of the clients who hire us for a digital product project are really looking for a long-term partner, not just a team of software development mercenaries. In order to continually support our clients and form that partnership, we offer global, simple to manage retainer services agreements. Usually these agreements are combined with a Managed Web Services agreement, and are focused on not only general support, but ongoing consultation, data and user analysis, and the resulting continual feature development and product iteration.

How We Work

Once we work with you to determine a reasonable retainer size in order to generate a return for you, we follow a streamlined, strategy-forward process that starts with business and product objectives. Those objectives turn into goals for your website, web app, or mobile app. We then work together to break those goals down into deliverable pieces of work for your product, aimed at meeting those goals. This allows us to work strategically toward your common objectives, as opposed to blindly pumping out features that may or may not have us all rowing in the same direction. Each quarter or semi-annual period we meet again to reflect and talk about any changes to those original objectives.

In combination with existing user feedback and insights from the data we capture within your product, the goal-focused tasks create a (continuously reprioritized) product backlog for ongoing improvement and maximum return on investment. It’s not just a retainer, it’s the right way to work with a digital product post-initial launch.

If you’re looking for not just an award-winning design and development team, but a firm who understands what being a long-term collaborative partner means, then look no further. Fill out the form below or email sales@paper-leaf.com and let’s get started!

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