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WordPress is not the mom-and-pop blogging platform it started out as. It’s the internet’s most popular publishing platform, powering some of the biggest sites on the web. It’s our content management system of choice, and we’ve been working on it since 2012. Rest assured: if it can be done in WordPress – and a lot can – we can make it happen. As one of Canada’s leading WordPress development shops, we’ve been chosen as the WordPress agency of choice for large organizations like CAA, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Yardstick Software and more for good reason.

All of our WordPress builds are custom jobs – we are not a theme modification shop – and the macro version of our process can be read about on our website design & development service page. As well, we are adept at plugin development, having contributed plugins to the WordPress repository while also being contracted for plugin projects, alongside our award-winning custom theme development.

When it comes to WordPress, we’ve used the platform to deliver high-level, complex and innovative projects including:

CKUA’s media-focused enterprise WordPress website. This large-scale, complex WordPress build included integration with their XML playlist, support for multiple media types ranging from news to video to podcasts, a custom Campaign Mode, and more. To date, they’ve seen: 56% increase in new users, 99% increase in sessions, users via organic search is up 37.5%, bounce rate has dropped 60%, pageviews are up 131%; 28 day active users up 78%; and over 125 donation inquiries on average per month.

CAA’s Worst Roads Campaign WordPress Multisite tool. This multi-lingual WordPress multisite install is a platform for numerous CAA clubs to configure, run, and collect data from their respective Worst Roads Campaign – of which, in 2019, over 60,000 votes were cast.

CMHA’s Recovery College WordPress Multisite project. This multisite event and workshop platform is deployed to 5 locations and counting, allowing CMHA site admin to manage their programs and workshops, while allowing marginalized youth and adults to register for and take those classes. New users are up 103%, direct traffic is up 173%, organic search up is 61%, and users convert to workshop registrants at 9%.

LabTAG’s WordPress eCommerce store. This highly complex store runs on WordPress’ WooCommerce platform, handling custom end-to-end multi-currency including integrations with 4 unique banking systems. Their conversion rate is up 18.8%, transactions are up 26%, average order value is up 13%, revenue is up 42.5%. To-date, the client’s ROI is 1214%. You can read more about our eCommerce design & development service here.

YardStick’s Qualtrics WordPress plugin. This custom plugin for YardStick powers their entire Engage web platform, integrating their client-facing WordPress solution for Engage with Qualtrics to use Qualtric’s considerably powerful software.

Covenant Care and Covenant Living’s WordPress Intranet. This custom WordPress build provides access to policies, news, and other employee-specific information to hundreds of employees across two organizations. Integration with Microsoft ActiveDirectory handles user permissions, and the system uses that integration to only serve up information related to each particular organization.

The above are just a small selection of the tens of thousands of hours of experience we’ve built on the WordPress platform.

If you’re an organization who relies on WordPress, wants WordPress, or just needs a complex web solution on an intuitive content management system, drop us a line – we can help. Email sales@paper-leaf.com and let’s get started!