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South Island Pie Co. Visual Identity & Website Design



The Challenge

Jamie is a kiwi ex-pat who wanted to share New Zealand’s savoury pie culture with the residents of where he now lives: Edmonton, AB. Thus, South Island Pie Co. was born.

They came to us needing the whole works: name, logo, visual identity, packaging design, and so on. How could we balance the laid-back kiwi personality with the trustworthiness of a brand you’d want to buy from?

The Solution

We worked with South Island to define their brand strategy & alignment, and used that to steer the visual identity, packaging design, and all the other visual elements of the brand.

We also defined the personality of the brand through language as well as visual design – tying in the fun kiwi personality in all mediums.
The end result: a splashy brand launch, a growing customer base, and revenues that are continuing to grow.

What We Delivered

  • Brand, Competitive, & Customer Research
  • Logo Design
  • Full Visual Identity System
  • Brand Messaging
  • T-Shirt Design
  • Point-of-Sale Design
  • Packaging Design
  • HTML Email Design
  • WordPress Customization
  • Client Training

The Details

We wanted something that gave a bit of a handcrafted vibe, as a nod to the nature of the savoury pies the company made, as well as something that had some personality to coincide with the team behind South Island.

To that end, we created a customized wordmark-style script logo and paired it with a red (as red stimulates hunger) and white colour scheme, as well as a hand-drawn-style typeface for large, attention-grabbing headings. The final piece of the visual identity is the subtle diamond pattern, which is influenced by patterns found on traditional Maori clothing.

For a cost-effective packaging solution, we designed a series of “tags”, that fold & staple on to the top of each pie. This allows for a beautiful solution customized to each pie type that fits in with all elements of the brand.


Their simple one-page, responsive website runs on WordPress and is optimized to capture leads for South Island’s email marketing efforts. Stylistically, the website matches the brand identity perfectly, using all the visual identity elements and carrying through the playful brand voice.

I would highly recommend working with the group at Paper Leaf; they work at the highest level of creative ability & are very passionate about their work. You will be well taken care of.

Jamie Scott

South Island Pie Co.


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