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Sheldon Casavant Website Design



The Challenge

Sheldon is a corporate entertainer, and magic is his tool for entertainment. As a worldwide entertainer, however, his existing website didn’t coincide with the quality & style of his show – plus he couldn’t manage the content himself.

We were tasked with a complete redesign & rebuild of his site to help communicate Sheldon’s prowess, and empower him to manage the site content on his own.

The Solution

We researched, specced, and designed a responsive website powered by WordPress. 

The site makes use of the beautiful supplied photography and video, and leads users down a critical path to booking Sheldon. Full-screen images, SVG animations, custom iconography & more make for a user experience that directly matches the detailed performances Sheldon puts on.

What We Delivered

  • Research & User Personas
  • Wireframing
  • Website Design
  • Responsive Design [View]
  • WordPress Development
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Client Training
  • Site Documentation

The Details

Like all of our projects, Sheldon’s website started with a deep dive into understanding the types of users who will be hitting the site – who are they? What are their concerns? What are their motivations? What are the key points we need to communicate?

Those discoveries led us down the wireframing & design path, and to the understanding that we need to immediately encourage users to watch Sheldon’s (beautifully produced) video. That video does the best job possible of showcasing the entertainment value & production level of Sheldon’s show. So, we made that the feature of the whole site, encouraging users to first watch the video, then click through to learn about the details of the show. From the Show page, an interested party can easily inquire for booking, or navigate around the rest of the responsive website – which is beautifully tailored for every device.

sheldon casavant website on iMac, iPad and iPhone

On the UX side, we wanted to tastefully play off of the most basic idea of magic – that being visual illusion. With that in mind, we created a navigation system with fading transitions from text to icons; animated SVG animations showing Sheldon’s worldly travels; and more.

Finally, every page on the site uses a custom layout in order to best serve the content. The result of that is a CMS-powered site that doesn’t look templated, but still lets Sheldon easily manage all site content to keep up-to-date and connect with his audience. You can find Sheldon’s site on a variety of CSS Galleries across the web.

The team at Paper Leaf did a remarkable job of creating a modern and functional website for my magic entertainment business. From the beginning, my vision was to create a informative and engaging website, reflective of the artistic experience that I aim to deliver to my clients. This vision was understood and fully reflected in the final product. Through personable and open communication, professionalism and passion for what they do, I had every assurance that Paper Leaf would deliver a quality product, on time, and with unquestionable quality.

Sheldon Casavant


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