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The Challenge

Quinn Contracting’s Marketing & HR teams came to us with a unique problem. The challenge to solve wasn’t around sales or lead generation; instead, it was around recruitment.

Quinn frequently goes on large hiring sprees – hundreds of workers at a time – so they needed a website that communicated culture, pre-screened for valid applicants, and improved efficiency of the recruitment process via integration into the HRM system.

The Solution

In the end, we worked with Quinn to outline, design, build, and launch a custom responsive website on WordPress. The site, from a communication standpoint, focuses on Quinn’s culture: what makes Quinn unique; their outstanding track record for safety; stories & community; and more. All of this communication is designed to position Quinn as a rightfully desirable place to work for a certain type of person – and direct those users through the HRM system we integrated into the website.

Key Project Features

  • Research & User Personas
  • Content Strategy
  • Wireframes
  • Website Design
  • Responsive Design [View]
  • Customized WordPress CMS
  • HRM System Integration
  • Multiple Unique Page Templates
  • Custom Iconography

The Details

Not every site is concerned with generating more sales, or leads. Sometimes, the goal is different.

That’s where Quinn Contracting was at when it came time to choose a partner for their new website. Quinn is a company with an annual peak of 2,000 staff; a larger, established business that performs maintenance, turnarounds and capital projects for clients in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Because of the nature of their work & their industry, Quinn often goes through large hiring sprees, hiring up to 600 people in a matter of weeks.

This was the challenge we were selected to solve: how can we improve recruitment efforts and efficiency for Quinn through strategic website design & development?

Telling the Brand Story

Working closely with Quinn’s HR & Marketing departments, we started by understanding & creating user personas for the core users Quinn needed to connect with. These personas drove everything that came after it: information architecture, content strategy, copywriting, wireframing, design & development.

As a team, we focused on storytelling through design & copywriting in order to attract qualified job applicants for Quinn’s recruitment efforts. By understanding & communicating what made Quinn unique, and what appeals to the type of people Quinn wants to join their team, we were able to design a site that self-selected the right applicants. A site that spoke to safety, values, community, professional development and more. With that in mind, qualified users are successfully directed through Quinn’s story to the Careers section, which is powered by a customized integration with Quinn’s HRM system (Newton).


The site runs on a customized WordPress install. What does this mean? Quinn gets all the strengths WordPress brings to the table when it comes to simple-but-powerful content management, but improved for their specific, custom needs. No wrangling HTML through a post editor; automated styling through the CMS; a modular approach to design to account for highly flexible content; customized post-editing screens for complex page layouts; and more.

We like to say that you can build sites with WordPress, or you can build sites properly with WordPress. We’re happy to say Quinn’s custom WordPress site is done the right way: no corners cut. Their site is built with their unique needs in mind, with single points of data management, with intuitive content management, security, and more.


At the end of the day, all the calling cards of a successful project are in place. On budget and on time – under a constrained timeline, to boot – the site launched and immediately started processing hundreds of validated applications a month. Visually, Quinn’s bold brand colours are complemented by culture-focused, real photography and impactful typography that works beautifully on every device from Android phones through iPad minis and large desktops. A site speed score of 92% ensures users can get where they need to be quickly, and a secure & user-friendly WordPress build means Quinn has powerful & flexible content management in safe & secure environment.

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