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Glow Juicery Visual Identity & Website Design



The Challenge

Green juicing is a growing movement, and Glow Juicery needed to hit the market at the exact right time with the exact right look & message. How could we connect with the contemporary health crowd, stand out, and drive business? 

As well, the overall solution needed to be applied to print promotion, packaging, an eCommerce website & more.

The Solution

We helped them with their brand strategy & alignment, and used that to steer the visual identity & packaging design as well as their fully-responsive e-commerce website.

The result? A booming brand, 2 retail locations in 5 months, and a 5 figure first month in sales post-website launch. Glow’s juices can be seen everywhere from TV to Instagram and more.

What We Delivered

  • Brand, Competitive, & Customer Research
  • Custom Logo Design
  • Full Visual Identity System
  • Packaging Design
  • In-Store Print Design
  • eCommerce
  • Responsive Website [View]
  • WordPress Development

The Details

The identity hinges around a personality best described as fresh & contemporary. A custom wordmark logo has a hidden droplet in the negative space of the ‘o’ for those that see it; that icon is pulled out and used for other design elements like a favicon and so on. We paired the wordmark with a bright, flexible color scheme to fit with the range of colours in Glow’s beautiful drinks, and created custom iconography for each drink in the lineup.


The challenge with the packaging design was to a) stay out of the way of the vibrant drink colors, and b) let the brand shine in an effort to help build brand awareness in customer’s minds. To that end, we simply created color-coded, transparent labels that make the logo & the vibrance of each drink the heroes. Plus, as the drink is consumed, the logo sits horizontally at eye level – easily readable.


The website is not only a beautiful, fully-custom responsive eCommerce build on WordPress; it is the hub of Glow’s order fulfillment. Automated emails send when an order is ready for pickup, and to follow up with clients 3 days after they’ve started their cleanse; a scheduling system to manage demand is built in to the checkout process, allowing customers to choose the day their cleanse starts but also automatically blacking days out once a daily maximum has been reached; and much more. Visual highlights include custom product page designs color-coded to each drink; subtle scrolling effects on desktops; and unique headers for each page on the site.

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