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Clutter Visual Identity & iOS App Design



The Challenge

Clutter was starting from ground zero: an investor-backed startup with no identity or anything. They needed to get their brand and iOS application to market quickly, as competitors were springing up left, right, and centre.

Speaking of competitors, how could we differentiate Clutter both visually and experientially, while speaking to the core concept of the service – that being to simplify your life?

The Solution

We worked with Brian to create a minimalist identity system – visually communicating that Clutter was the solution for those core customers who were overwhelmed with all their “stuff”.

Centered around a custom wordmark logo and primarily two-color system, the identity also uses a custom icon system to help users manage their inventory. This identity was carried through the iOS design we executed as well.

What We Delivered

  • Brand, Competitive, & Customer Research
  • Custom Wordmark Logo Design
  • Full Visual Identity System
  • Brand Guidelines book
  • One-Pager Launch Website
  • iOS App Interface & Icon Design
  • Packaging & Vehicle Design

The Details

Brian was a regular guy in LA who constantly needed self-storage, but the system was broken. Thus spawned the idea for an app-driven business called Clutter.

The unique idea of the business is this: customers use an iOS app to order storage bins, which are dropped off at their residence by Clutter. The bins needed a system that was used both by the customer and Clutter to keep inventory of what items went in what box (think: kitchen stuff is in the Y box). Clients can take a photo of their packed bin, tag it with the icon, and leave a note for themselves – then, order a pickup from Clutter. Pretty nifty.

colour swatches and icons for Clutter

This spawned the need for a custom icon system in order to make the inventory application work, along with the custom logo and other deliverables. We were able to create an end-to-end structure – from logo & colour scheme, through iconography and collateral, to a custom iOS interface design. We even designed Clutter’s vehicle wrap too.

clutter app shown in iPhone

The end result? An on-time & on-budget launch, happy investors, a growing user base, and a growing business.

Paper Leaf delivered a memorable logo, social media assets, vehicle wrap design, and a beautiful and intuitive app design. They are professional, courteous, and ambitious in helping you achieve your business goals.

Brian Thomas



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