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Alley Kat Brewery Website Design



The Challenge

Alley Kat is a craft brewery that has been around for a while – but their website needed a facelift. We needed to design a site that complemented their existing brand, but still took advantage of the modern web and helped users easily find Alley Kat products.

Further to that: how could we drive sales and appeal to both hardcore beer nerds as well as those new to craft beer? How could we recreate that amazing feeling of cracking a beer on, say, a sunny patio via a website?

The Solution

By starting with user personas, we were able to identify the varying types of consumers interested in Alley Kat products, and create content that speaks to them. We used that content to create a beautiful, responsive website that uses location-based photography to communicate the optimal environment for consuming each beer style; then coupled that with information (like IBU) for each beer to connect with the hardcore beer nerds. Finally, all roads lead back to the Beer Finder, an interactive map that helps users find where Alley Kat products are sold.

What We Delivered

  • Research & User Personas
  • Wireframing
  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Responsive Design [View]
  • WordPress Development
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Client Training
  • Site Documentation

The Details

Alley Kat is a craft brewery located in Edmonton, AB, who produce outstandingly flavorful beer. However, the freshness of their beer was inversely proportional to the freshness of their old website. With that in mind, we set out to design a new site that was more true to their brand & product – and one that would drive sales.

We started by identifying the key users of the site, and the critical paths for each. Quickly sketching out wireframes helped communicate to the awesome team at Alley Kat what we were thinking, and they quickly agreed. We carried those wireframes through into a striking visual design, focused around solid product photography and stock location photography.



Why the location photography? One of the best parts about cracking a cold one is coupling the right beer with the right environment. For example, a stout by a fireplace on a cold night; a fruity easy-drinking ale on a sunny patio; and so on. With that in mind, we designed each unique beer page to visually communicate what we’d like to call a tasty setting for each of their beers.

From each unique beer page, users are constantly driven to the Beer Finder. What’s that, you ask? It’s an interactive map that highlights where Alley Kat beers can be purchased – from both liquor stores as well as pubs & restaurants. Users can filter by (multiple) beer type as well as establishment type.

The result of this is a clear critical path, followed via obvious call-to-action buttons, that starts on the Home page, through the Beers & Unique Beers pages, and finally culminates in the Beer Finder. This path informs the user of the products available and invites them to find the closest place to try one (or all) – nice!

The end result is a beautiful, responsive website built on WordPress (and developed by our friends, AgileStyle) that captures the essence of quality craft beer, but doesn’t lose sight of the main point: getting people to buy it!

The re-design of the Alley Kat Brewery website was made into a stress-free and enjoyable experience thanks to the Paper Leaf team. Our primary objective was to be left with a website that our staff, with no HTML coding experience, could easily update while ensuring the integrity and feel of each page stayed consistent. Paper Leaf achieved and indeed exceeded our objectives. They also trained our staff how to use the site and were also available to field questions. Our needs for a functional, creative and fresh looking website were definitely met; we would recommend Paper Leaf to any business.

Neil Herbst

Alley Kat Brewery

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