For Our Clients: CMS Websites Screencast

For Our Clients

Businesses need to be able to control the content on their websites. We understand that at Paper Leaf, which is why we offer CMS-powered websites. Our solution provides you with a very simple way to add, edit, or remove pages, text and/or images on your site. Plus, we brand the content management system for your business, and give you a training session on how to use the administration side of the website. That’s right – we don’t just design aesthetic & usable websites, we also do the implementation side of things. But instead of rambling on in text format, we recorded a short screencast for you.

In this screencast, I go through a testing site designed & built by Paper Leaf and show how easy it is for clients to add a page with an image & some text, as well as how easy it is to change text on another page. We also talk about users & permissions, and website stats. Have a look and contact us if you’re interested in our services. Thanks!



* Keep in mind that this video showcases just a small part of what a Paper Leaf built, CMS-powered website can do. There’s a whole lot more under the hood, so drop us a line!

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