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Welcome to February, all! Hopefully the coldest of the bitter cold in your town is gone. It might be gone here in Edmonton, but who knows? It was minus 40C before it was even officially winter this year. GO CANADA. Anyway, as promised, here is the second installment of our Monthly Calendar Wallpapers. This image […]


We all know the importance of having a solid online portfolio. It’s relatively simple to show the work we’ve developed for the screen on our website – after all, that’s how it was meant to be seen. But what about printed material? As designers, we have two options for showing our printed material on our […]


Welcome to From A to Z, where I outline all the steps taken in a specific project. In this particular instance, I’ll outline a band promo photo project I was commissioned for. Keep reading to see how this shot was conceptualized, shot, and edited – and if you enjoy the article, subscribe to the RSS […]


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