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TED, in their own words, is “a small nonprofit dedicated to ideas worth spreading”. This conference, focused on Technology, Education and Design, started in 1984 as a way reconnect people with the power of speaking – that intimate experience of being in a room with someone passionate about what they believe in, and passionately sharing […]


The Madness is upon us! Yes, some of us up here in Canada like basketball (even though our only worthwhile export of late has been Steve Nash, and it’s hard to dribble in snow). I regularly tune in and throw away money when it comes to the annual 64 (now 65, with the play-in) team […]


In any industry you’ll eventually hear the terms “giving back”. It’s become almost a sort of catch-phrase, not unlike “totally organic” or whatever the newest buzzword is . But while “giving back” might be somewhat overused and on its way to buzzword status, it doesn’t mean the term should be overlooked or dismissed. In this […]


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