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The eightieth version of Found Friday is here, and this week we have: a beautiful wood iPhone case; a collection of great plugins for those of us using WordPress as a CMS; a neat little tool designed to help hang things and such (bad description, but scroll down and have a look); a new t-shirt […]


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Buttons are a great way to grab a website viewer’s attention, and a way to hone your user interface design chops. They can be used to effectively drive traffic to desired subpages, drive more sign-ups, or any other collection of goals you’ve established for your website design. In this Photoshop tutorial, we’re going to go […]


It’s Friday! Let us help you celebrate with five great designy finds from the web. This week, we have: a must-use plugin for those using WordPress as a CMS; a limited-time, free bundle of design goods; the world’s simplest mailing list setup; a preview for an upcoming type film for typography nerds; and a beautiful, […]


This week’s Found Friday is a goldmine for web designers & developers. We have a great demo/download for some beautiful CSS buttons; we have a neat online app for creating Photoshop-esque “layer styles” in CSS; a site showcasing OpenType features on the web, for you fellow typeheads; an interesting looking book on “common sense for […]


Number 77 of Found Fridays checking in here. You know what else was #77? Ray Bourque. There, maybe you learned something today. Feel free to learn more (perhaps related to your profession, i.e. design) with the following finds: an awesome “day in the life of a designer” parody video from the holidays; a super-simple WordPress […]


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The online design community has its fair share of articles, comics and websites about the downsides of design work. Forums and comments are rife with stories about being “forced” to create poor work; dealing with irrational clients; breakdowns in communication and more stress-inducing cons of being a design professional. These negatives can’t be denied – […]


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