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Cheat Sheet: The Blogger’s Circle of Life


It’s been well-established by now that blogging can help your business immensely. In short form, blogging can: help establish you as an expert; help with your SEO efforts; create a community around your site; and directly drive business. But how do you write the perfect blog post?

Our friend and client Kelvin is a copywriter who runs Function Writing; he came to us needing help to turn his blog writing process into an infographic/cheat-sheet. So that’s what we did: took his content and designed the Blogger’s Circle of Life graphic!

Blogger Cheat Sheet

The graphic is a handy, easy-to-digest, six-step process to writing a great blog post. You can head over to his site to download the various files: desktop wallpapers, print-ready PDFs, and source files too. Enjoy!

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