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Principles of Design Quick Reference Poster


In the past couple of years, we’ve designed & released two free, popular design education resources: the Color Theory Quick Reference Poster, and the Elements of Design Quick Reference Poster. These items are not only being used at here at our web design and branding agency, but are also now being used in classrooms all over the world. However, we kept getting one specific question: when will you make a Principles of Design poster?

The answer is… today!

We’re happy to announce the new, free Principles of Design Quick Reference Poster (in two colors).

Principles of Design Infographic

Hit the jump for free downloadable wallpapers, print-ready PDFs, source files etc!

We took what we learned from the creation of the Color Theory poster and Elements of Design poster and applied it to the Principles of Design poster. This poster won’t teach you everything you need to know – that will never happen. What it’s meant to do is provide a quick overview of the C.R.A.P. principles of design; a refresher for those in the know, and a starting point for design newbies.

Downloadable files below!

Principles of Design Infographic

Desktop Wallpaper

White Version: Click to download the Principles of Design Quick Reference Sheet wallpaper (white) in 2880×1800 (Macbook Retina), 2560X1600, 1920X1200, 1680X1050, 1440X900 and 1280X800 pixels.

Grey Version: Click to download the Principles of Design Quick Reference Sheet wallpaper (grey) in 2880×1800 (Macbook Retina), 2560X1600, 1920X1200, 1680X1050, 1440X900 and 1280X800 pixels.

Print Posters & Source Files

Yep, we’re even giving away print-ready PDF posters as well as the source .eps file.

To download the print posters & source files, just join the design weekly newsletter and the link to download the files will be sent to you. On top of these files, you’ll also get a weekly roundup of the best design finds of the week. Nice!

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