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Found Friday Vol 82


Welcome to Found Friday, volume 82. This week we have: an in-depth tutorial on creating a filterable jQuery portfolio in WordPress (much like what we use in our portfolio); a cool new font that creates charts by using ligatures; a small library for manipulating your favicon, including adding alerts to it; a fun “hankie notebook”; and a great read on the creation process for the new Basecamp default avatars. Read on!

Create a Filterable Portfolio with WordPress & jQuery

This tutorial from NetTuts is not for the faint of heart, but it’s worthwhile. Check it out if you’re looking for a neat solution to your WordPress-powered portfolio.

Sortable jQuery Gallery in WordPress


A font that creates charts?!? What’s next, a photo of Darth Vader filling up a Brita jug from the ocean?

Chartwell Font


This is neat. Tinycon allows you to add alert bubbles to your favicon, or to change the image completely. Neat.


Hankie Notebook

It’s a notebook that looks like a hanky – so the next time you need to take notes and look suave, you have an answer.

Hankie Notebook

Reinventing our Default Profile Pictures

This is a great look into the process that went on behind the scenes during the creation of BaseCamp’s default profile photos. Quick and interesting.

Reinventing Default Profile PicsSee you next week!