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Found Friday Vol 64


Welcome to Found Friday! After a brief hiatus last week to do poor time management on my part, we’re back this week with: a jQuery plugin to simply beautify your web forms; some Pantone postcards; a bookmarklet to quickly identify a web font; a new WordPress plugin that combines social media with commenting; and a site dedicated to “faux” logos from films. Read on!


Consistently styling web forms across browsers is the leading cause of designer pattern baldness due to stress. Fact. Formalize helps ease this source of stress with a nifty dose of jQuery.

Pantone Postcards

If you’re a design nerd, and have fellow design nerd friends, these Pantone Postcards are great for nerdy correspondence. But chances are your mom won’t get it.


See a font you dig on a website? Click the Fount bookmarklet you’ve installed in your browser bar, click the word, and BAM! the font name appears. Fancy.


A WordPress plugin that consolidates comments, Twitter and Facebook. You can aggregate tweets and Facebook comments and republish them as comments on your blog. A great way to light a fire under your blog community.


There is a breadth of logos out there that have been created for use in films. Fauxgo rounds these up and displays them. Good fun!


See you next week!

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