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Found Friday Vol 22


This week’s Found Friday is a healthy mix of good value stuff and well-designed stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff. All related in some way to design, we have the following which caught my eye this week: a great bamboo water bottle (gorgeous AND great for the environment), a site that converts YouTube videos to MP3s (think of the possibilities!), a limited-time great bundle of discounted design files from Envato, 10 free design ebooks, and a great point-and-shoot that has a built in projector. Read on!

Bamboo Bottle

Plastic bottles are terrible for the environment and you, if you reuse them. So kick the habit by picking up this Bamboo Bottle.


A website with a very simple premise: it takes in Youtube videos and spits out MP3s. So, for all of you who want the mp3 version of my engagement stickman country music video for Andy (moderately NSFW because of a swear… man I’m so romantic), now you have your chance. (via swiss-miss)

Envato Birthday Bundle

$400 worth of high-quality design files for $20? Count me in. WordPress themes, vectors, PSD templates, CSS-only designs, and so forth. Only available for a few more days, so get on it if you want it.

10 Essential Free eBooks for Web Designers

I don’t know when I’m going to find the time to read 10 ebooks on design, but I’ll find the time to at least skim a couple. Check this list out if web design is your thing.

Nikon S1100 PJ

Point and shoots don’t really excite me, but this guy – which comes in different colors, thankfully – lets you connect to your computer and project images up to 47″. Pretty solid for $350.

That’s it that’s all! See you next week.

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