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YourBand: a Free HTML Template


Most indie musicians are either poor, barely scraping by, or living with their parents. It’s a tough racket, and there are a lot of things to pay for when you’re a musician: touring, gas, recording, printing an album, promo materials and so forth.

With that in mind, we donated some time to create and give away a free, killer one-page HTML template for musicians through Chorus Magazine. We call it the YourBand HTML Template. What is this, exactly? Well, you can download this file for free, get a domain name & a dedicated server hosting for your band or client, change a few lines of HTML and upload this file to your server. Presto! You have a gorgeous one-pager website for your band/client. This is what the template looks like, which can be edited to suit your needs:


Click here to view a live demo of the template.

The template has been designed and coded so that you can easily change the background & fonts if you know a little CSS. Doing this will completely change the look & feel of the template. To get an idea of what we mean, here is another version of this template with just the background, fonts & a few other small CSS changes applied. This shows you how easy it is to make this template your own.

Wondering why only one page? Well, one-page websites are seeing a huge surge in popularity. This is due to a few reasons: a) they’re more cost effective, and b) they provide more concise information. I mean really, how many pages do you actually need for a web presence? The amount of information on the Internet is overwhelming; thus, one page sites are growing in popularity due to their simplicity and ease of use. That being said, any somewhat savvy web guy/gal can easily turn this template into a multi-page site.

Features of the YourBand HTML Template include:

  • A lightweight, easy-to-manage music player
  • A cool photo gallery
  • Standards-compliant, valid XHTML
  • Ready-to-edit links & content

This is what’s included in the download:

  • Two differently styled versions of the template: “Granite” (shown above) and “Cardboard” (linked above).
  • An Editing guide
  • Screenshots of each version

So get downloading, and if you have questions about implementation or anything else, leave ’em in the comments!


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